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Ideford Parish Plan

The process to produce a Parish Plan for Ideford started in June 2013 when the Parish Council held an open meeting to canvas opinion from Parishioners. The catalyst for this meeting was a survey carried out in 2012 to identify the need for Affordable Housing in the Parish. The open meeting was well attended and the comments collected showed that Parishioners had a wide range of views on many topics affecting the day to day life and future of the Parish.

Further meetings followed and in conjunction with representatives from Devon Communities Together a steering group was formed and a timetable set for the production of a Parish Plan. Work began on collecting comment and information from individuals, groups, societies and businesses in the Parish. The views of outside agencies that have an interest in the area were also sought. The initial consultation was completed by November 2014 and work then began on producing a questionnaire which addressed the issues highlighted by the consultation process. 175 questionnaires were distributed to all households in the Parish in February 2015 and 75 were returned, representing the views of 134 individuals.

The results from the questionnaires together with all the other information collected during the process have been used to produce the final plan document. The intention was to produce a working document rather than a “coffee table” publication and it is hoped that the Plan of Action in particular will provide a firm foundation for future developments and improvements throughout the Parish. It is also hoped that the plan as a whole will help the Parish to become more resilient and better able to take action to meet its own needs. Many people volunteered to help during the production of the plan and at all stages the process was completely open and transparent.

The Plan was formally endorse and adopted by the Parish Council at their meeting on 2 December 2015

Ideford Parish Plan

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